Contact Lenses

We are able to fit and prescribe all types of contact lenses at competitive prices. Being independent, we can supply and fit contact lenses from all the leading manufacturers and can find the lens that gives the best comfort, and that suits your lifestyle.

Our fees are always competitive and you do not have to commit yourself to standing orders or direct debit to get the best prices.

Whether fitting contact lenses for new patients, or providing aftercare for existing wearers, our aim to give the highest levels service and find the best type of lens to suit you.

As an Acuvue Centre of Excellence, we have the advantage of being able to fit the latest Acuvue lenses as soon as they become available. We also benefit from Johnson & Johnson’s support in the fitting their lenses.


1-Day Disposable Contact Lenses

The great advantage of 1-day disposables is that no cleaning solutions are required and there are no time-consuming procedures to follow. Being thin they are very comfortable to wear and offer great flexibility of wearing. Use them everyday, or for just social occasions or sporting events. You choose when you want to wear them. When you’ve worn them they are discarded with no need to clean them. Maximum comfort and convenience – what more could you ask?

We recommend 1-day Acuvue Moist or Trueye for maximum comfort. This is the original 1-day lens that now uses enhanced materials that help to reduce dryness and give improved oxygen supply to the eyes. 1-day Acuvue are cost from just over £1 a day to wear.


For patients with astigmatism 1-day Acuvue for astigmatism is available in an extended range. This enables us to give a better visual correction where a one day lens is required and the patient has moderate levels of astigmatism.
If like the idea of one day lenses but have a limited budget, Daysoft 1-day lenses may be the lens for you. This lens is not suitable for all patients, but costs just 58 pence a day. We are always happy to advise on your suitability and are happy to give you a trial with them.


2 Weekly/Monthly Disposable Soft Lenses

These are the most popular type lenses offering good comfort for a wide range of prescriptions. With a choice of two-weekly or monthly replacement from many manufacturers, they are usually the most economic lenses for everyday wear. Replacing lenses regularly ensures comfort and reduces the risk of complications associated with contact lens wear. These lenses may be coloured to enhance or change your natural eye colour.

More recently silicone-hydrogel lenses have become available. These lenses give up to 6 times more oxygen supply to the front surface of the eye. The result is increased comfort, especially towards the end of the day.

Prices start from as little as £29 for six months lenses, whilst Johnson & Johnson’s Avuvue Oasys silicone-hydrogel (2 weekly) are £58 for for 6 months (12 pairs). You can combine the purchase of our 2 weekly/monthly lenses with solutions, to clean them with, from only £20 extra for six months. Alternatively solutions are available to purchase separately.


Lenses for Astigmatism

There are now many types of lenses to correct astigmatism. From a vision point of view gas-permeable lenses generally give the best vision as the tears form a ‘natural’ lens behind the contact lens. This tends to correct astigmatism. However, for astigmatism over 2 dioptres a toric lens may be required. These lenses vary in their complexity and may take a longer time to achieve a good fit. This type of lens is the cheapest type of lens to use, but the initial outlay is greater reflecting the greater number of consultations that are required and the fact that lenses being more expensive to produce.

Many types of soft lenses for astigmatism are now available. These need to be stabilised, to stop them rotating and thicker zones or prism are incorporated in the lens. Different makes may use different design features to achieve stability and you may need to try several types before achieving the best result. 1-day disposables are available for astigmatism, but with a limited power range they are not suitable for everyone. Monthly disposables now come in a large range of parameters and are generally the most economic of the soft astigmatic lenses. For patients with higher prescriptions bespoke soft lenses are available.

Prices for astigmatic lenses start from £65 for six months of disposable lenses. We are always happy to advise on the best type of lens for your eyes and will quote you beforehand as to expected cost of fitting the lenses.


Rigid Gas Permeable
Rigid Gas permeable are the latest development in hard contact lenses. They ‘breath’ thus making them more comfortable for longer wearing periods. These lenses do take some time to get used to. They generally give good stable vision especially for patients with astigmatism. Gas permeable lenses generally last much longer than soft lenses.

Whilst these are initially a little more expensive they are an economic option because they do not need to be replaced as frequently..