Your Eye Examination
Our modern air-conditioned practice is well equipped and we are able to offer comprehensive eye examinations for all the family. The examination will include a thorough check on the health of the eyes and an evaluation of your vision with and without corrective lenses. Should you require help with your vision we will discuss the best options for you. Be it spectacles or contact lenses our aim is to find the best type of visual correction to suit you personally.


Retinal Photograpy
In our consulting room we have a Topcon Retinal Camera that allows us to take digital photos of the back of the eye. These images allow us to check for many conditions that affect the eyes and gives us a permanent record for us to compare with on future visits to the practice. Our fee for this service is just £15


NHS Examinations
We are happy to provide NHS eye examinations to the following categories of eligible patients:

  • All those under 17yrs* and students in full-time education under 19yrs.*
  • All those over 60yrs.
  • Patients with glaucoma or diabetes.
  • Patients over 40yrs with close relatives who have glaucoma.
  • Recipients of Income Support and some other income related benefits.*


Please note that the NHS request that you proof of eligibility and a National Insurance Number where appropriate.


* These groups of patients are also entitled to help with the cost of any spectacles that are required..