Dry Eye

Excessive tearing is one of the main symptoms of dry eye

The eye depends on a flow of tears to provide constant moisture and lubrication. This is so that we can maintain vision and comfort.
Tears are made up of water, oil, mucus, antibodies and special proteins.

Each of these components has a different duty to the eye, and if there is an imbalance in this tear system, you may experience ‘dry eye’.
Despite being commonly referred to as dry eye, the condition has many symptoms including:

• Blurring of vision
• Redness in and around the eye
• Itchy eyes
• Pain
• Sensitivity to light
• A gritty sensation in your eyes
• Excessive tearing

Dry eye can also occur when the tear film in the eye dries out. This is commonly caused by:

• Environmental factors – eg: air conditioning
• Ageing; most commonly during the menopause
• Structural problems with the eyes
• Diseases that affect the production of tears – eg: rheumatoid arthritis
• Side effects from certain medications such as antihistamines and contraceptive pills


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At Park & Brown we specialise in dry eye treatment

Our optical experts are able to identify the condition, and often it can be treated relatively quickly and painlessly. There are a number of treatments for dry eye depending on how badly you are suffering.
Despite not being considered particularly dangerous to your vision, dry eye can be painful and cause discomfort.
If you think you are suffering from dry eye, or would like to speak to a professional about the condition, please do not hesitate to get in touch – call our team on  01403 784682


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